What to Do in Case of Emergency

One important aspect which tourists must bear in mind when visiting other cities and establishments is the possibility of hazardous occurrences. This can happen in almost any location and those who travel a lot need to account for it in order to ensure their safety.

emergencyOne way of preventing hazards and preparing for them is to become properly informed about the available resources for emergency situations in the area where one wishes to travel. To this end, the website of the Guildford Community offers detailed information about the local authorities and the departments that are enrolled with ensuring the population safety in case of natural disasters.

The numbers of police and local administration offices are provided on this page, and people will benefit from an application that was designed specifically for helping people deal with emergency situations. The application is available for free download and once installed on their devices, it will enable people to send out a distress signal regardless if of whether they have access to GSM signal coverage. By using the device’s GPS, the application can communicate with satellites and send out the person’s location to the responsible authorities, who will ensure a swift and efficient rescue process.

A printout of a detailed map of the area is also available, in case users lose their electronic devices. They can download the map and print it on a large format paper (preferably, A1) and carry it with them when going sightseeing or even hiking in the areas that surround Guildford. This way, regardless if they lose their phone or GPS devices, they will at least have a physical map that can help them navigate back to safety. Users are advised to print the maps on a water repellent or plastic laminated paper, to ensure it will withstand what the weather can throw at it.