Watch Movies in the Guildford Cinemas

By far, one of the greatest attractions that can be found in Guildford is its large chain of cinemas, which was host to numerous landmark films from well acclaimed directors, ever since it was founded in the late 1950s’. To this day, the city’s cinemas still remain some the most frequented places and it attracts more and more tourists each day.

cinemaFeaturing movies for both classic as well as modern cinematography fans, the chain of cinemas, try to provide an ideal blend between old and new content, which would satisfy the preferences of multiple people categories. Completely blended in the surrounding architectural landscape, the movie theatres are one of a kind and are seen by many as a an attempt that tries to merge the local tradition and cinematography into a single event for those who enjoy films in that location.

More specifically, all of the available the cinemas are somewhat “immersed” between the existent architectural buildings and also the natural environment, in an attempt to offer viewers an entrance into a truly environmental friendly and blended cinematographic experience.

Tickets for the films can be purchased in advance, both using this page as well as by contacting the cinema ticket vendors by telephone, which will be more than happy to supply customers with a ticked or reservations to the preferred films.

The fact that they can enjoy films and still be present in such a beautiful scenery is one important aspect that many who come to Guildford consider. A gallery of images comprising the cinema history in several snapshots is available, allowing people to get a glimpse at how the cinemas used to look like in the past and what changes the early movie theatres underwent in order to become what they are today. Comments and testimonials can be added to each image and people can therefore express their opinion regarding any particular image.