The Guildford City Hall and Council

The initial founders of the Guildford were the people who decided to explore the southern parts of the England for assessing the economical and material potential offered by the natural resources, as well as to create a passage between the ancient cities of Canterbury and Winchester.

the-guildford-city-hallInitially settling only in temporary establishments, the Saxon families who decided to explore that part of the country in order to seek natural resources had no idea of the abundance they were about to stumble upon. When they came to realise the value of those, the initial settlers decided to remain there for good, while at the same time establishing important connections among the other cities – London included.

These days, the city council has one of the last descendants of the original Anglo-Saxon lineage, and he is the current mayor of the city. In its current member layout, the city council was established in the late 1960’s, when the city became part of the Greater London and the mayor decided it was time for the city to have more people’s representatives in its ruling board, and therefore allow people to have more influence in the decision making process. Having numerous members, the city council prides itself as having a homogeneous city council member group and this is seen as a great advantage in all the administrative matters. With both women and men, the city council has used to the advantage of the population a gender equality approach.

Featuring a beautifully decorated city hall, the famous Guildhall and adjacent grounds, the headquarters of the city’s administration are as impressive as the other architectural landscapes surrounding the city. There are guided tours for the city hall and by following the directions presented on the dedicated page for city guides, one can easily set up a meeting and visit Guildford beautiful hall. You will read more about it in the following pages.