Neighbouring Counties and Villages

Surrounding the city are several counties and villages, each with different elements, which make them unique tourist attraction sites that are easy to reach and can be accessed in no time if starting from Guildford.

By accessing the dedicated section which offers information to tourist, users will be able to view all the possibilities that are offered for travelling to the neighbouring counties and villages from Guildford. Used together with Google Earth embedded map that is offered on the navigation page, people will be able to quickly determine how to arrive in the preferred county or village.

guildford-faunaLocated in the same lowland, southern region as Guildford, the adjacent counties and villages are basically sitting near the seaside and this fact makes them the ideal visiting centres for those who wish to have a look at how things are working in this part of England. Each county features its own tourist information centre that people can visit in order to obtain valuable information about the sightseeing trails, theme parks, commuting options, etc.

Tourist guides and park rangers can be seen in each village, ready to guide any passer-by in the surrounding areas and offer their personal insight and information about the local flora, fauna, attractions and history. A small travel brochure is offered on the website, which can be either printed or downloaded to users’ preferred devices, and people can keep it handy when deciding to travel to any of the neighbouring counties or villages.

Of course, as with the city itself, the neighbouring settlements also have their own guided tours; and people will be able to make reservations for visiting the attractions with organised groups in buses which are accompanied by trained guides that specialise in the Guildford area. Those who are interested in such undertakings are invited to the contact page where they can set up the details for visiting the preferred location with a guide.